Adam Friedl


Cafe Roulette

A whimsical webapp for choosing your coffee destination in midtown Manhattan. Click the coffee cup and add your favorite spot.

Front-end built with React, Redux, React Router, Google Maps API, and Material-UI. Back-end API built with Ruby on Rails.

Github | Live Demo

Rikers Today

A web application that breaks down who is America's most infamous jail today. Created with React, Rebass, React Router, and the NYC Open-Data API.

Github | Live Demo

Lingo Bingo

A corporate-speak bingo webapp to entertain your team during the next all-hands conference call. Built with React, Rebass, and React Router.

Github | Live Demo

The Recipe Box

A web application for creating and sharing recipes. Built with Rails. Uses OminAuth for authentication via Facebook and jQuery for updates without page refresh.

Github | Live Demo

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

A webapp for keeping track of all the inside jokes, memes, and secret language that you and your friends share. Built with Sinatra. Uses Bcrypt for authentication and styled with Material Design Lite.

Github | Live Demo

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