Adam Friedl

Super Recipe Box

Coding – it gets better. That’s the biggest takeaway I have from working on this project, which updates my Recipe Box to, among other things, use ajax requests for no-page-refresh updates and the ability to browse directly to the next recipe. Along the way it incorporates Active Model Serializers with has_many and belongs_to relationships, Javascript Model Objects, JQuery, and (obviously) a lot of json. Oh my!

Seriously, though, this project gave me some confidence back after a detour through the Valley of Despair. I’d been discouraged at how the knowledge was failing to stick and frustrated by my lack of uninterrupted time to devote. I’m working full time and our 10-month-old is seconds away from walking, so most of my coding happens late at night and on the weekends. Ultimately, I decided to bite the bullet and go back over javascript and APIs from the section’s beginning. And, to my surprise and amazement, it stuck! By the time I got to the project, I knocked it out in relatively short order. I was debugging and resolving problems much more quickly. It was one of those Matrix moments – I could see the $.each loops moving in bullet-time.

Feel free to check out Recipe-Ajax. Comments and suggestions for improvement always welcome!

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