Adam Friedl

React, Rails, Redux... oh my!

This has been some journey — both the course as a whole and this final project. It’s hard to believe they’re almost done, although I know there will always be so much more to learn!

For my final project, I’ve worked toward creating a clone of a fun webapp called WhatsForLunchShoreditch. It allows a visitor to submit a lunch suggestion (with name, description, location, etc.), and then randomly suggests a restaurant on the home page. It’s pretty whimsical and fun. I adapted the idea to be for coffee shops around my office in Midtown West. I think my co-workers will get a kick out of using it — we’re always trying to decide where to go for coffee.

To implement it, I created two separate repos, one for the Rails API and another for the React-Redux front end. I learned a ton about React and Redux; I’m actually feeling pretty comfortable with them now. They really provide an exciting new way to think about presenting information on the web.

I plan to add more features in the near future, from styling to incorporating the Google Maps API. But I think I’ve got the MVP down! You can check out the API and client repos and comments are always welcome!

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