Adam Friedl

Appreciate the Finer Things

Something I love about my Flatiron experience is communing with so many people who also get excited about “nerdy” tech things. It’s really fun to see people talking about different gems in Slack channels, or how to trick out your text editor, or so many of the other little things that make the eyes of non-tech folks glaze over. Before starting this program, I spent a lot of time learning about random things (e.g. task-runners, or static site generation, or CSS pre- vs. post-processing) and usually only half-understood them (if that). But I didn’t really have anyone to ask questions and, more importantly, I didn’t have others who shared these interests to encourage me. Moreover, I’ve worked for a while in a profession (law) that doesn’t exactly thrive on innovation or doing things differently. One time I opened nvALT while sharing my screen on a webinar to the utter befuddlement of all the other participants. Why would anyone not use Word?

So a big thanks to all the other students and instructors for just being your cool selves and making this a fun place to be. And I’m so glad that the one friend who I’ve spent the last years exploring all these things with is in the program now, too! (Shout out to @warrend!)

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