Adam Friedl

No Time Like the Present

My interest in programming developed relatively late. I always thought of myself as a “humanities” person, without much care in knowing how how they made FIFA awesome on PS2, just as long as it was. (And it was!)

After a few years in the working world, I took a position at a nonprofit startup that aimed to use technology to increase access to justice for those who can’t afford lawyers. I was there because of my legal background and experience managing non-technical projects, but now I was working side-by-side with developers to create new websites, apps, and other resources for our audience. And as I talked with them, I started to pick up little things — learning to spot broken html tags, or understanding that dynamic features like stat counters were often a few lines of a funny code called javascript. And before long, I started thinking “that looks a lot more interesting than what I’m doing. And more fun, too!”

I started following the bootcamp movement in its early days, but attending always seemed like a pipedream. I already had a career, even if I didn’t love it. It wouldn’t be worth it to invest the time and/or money to start all over in something new. I thought of a hundred reasons, and wasted a lot of time thinking them up — I imagine a lot of us probably did. But as I was coming up on a big birthday, I realized that there just isn’t any more time to waste. So I took the leap and I haven’t looked back. I’m having so much fun, feeling challenged in exciting ways. I can’t wait to tell my wife over dinner about the fascinating new thing I learned about data structures or APIs. Let me tell you, she loves it.

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