Adam Friedl

Career Change — Check

I thought about changing careers for a long time. I had many persuasive (to me, at least) arguments for why it wasn’t possible — or at least, possible for me. It turns out I was wrong. After a lot of studying, practicing, networking, and hoping, a few months ago a company said to me “Hey dude, we’d like you to join us as a software engineer.” I still can’t really believe it.

It’s been nearly three months since I officially made the switch, and… I love it. People pay me to solve puzzles all day. I keep thinking there must be a catch. And I’ve learned more in three months than I learned in all the time I spent preparing. In that sense, it’s similar to my old career in law. That’s one of the few similarities, though, and the differences I’ve observed give me a lot to think about, including working in for-profit versus non-profit, moving from a senior role to an entry-level one, and embarking on new adventures at a less-than-new age. More to come on these topics, for sure.

But for now, thanks to my family for all the encouragement; I never could have done it without you. Thanks to the Flatiron School for all the learning and support. If I can support anyone else in making a similar switch, please don’t hesitate to say — [email protected] or @adamfriedl

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